The South Gippsland Seed Bank (SGSB) is a non-profit community organisation that has been supplying the region with indigenous seed since 1994.

The Seed Bank’s charter is to supply local provenance seed from a wide variety of sites for revegetation purposes. We also aim to enhance the knowledge base of the local community about seed collection, plant identification, seed germination and storage, through site visits to the Seed Bank and presentations to local schools and community groups.

All seed is ethically collected then cleaned, batched and stored ready for sale. Our customers include plant nurseries, organisations involved in large revegetation projects, and private landholders.

Seed can be purchased as individual species or custom made direct seeding mixes. The list of seeds stocked by us can be found on the Seed Products page.  The Seed Bank has a purpose built Rippa Seeder available for hire to assist with direct seeding projects.

We also hire a purpose designed Rippa Seeder to assist with direct seeding projects. More information can be found on the Direct Seeding page.

Direct Seeding versus Tubestock

Revegetation using direct seeding costs significantly less than tubestock. The key to successful direct seeding lies with quality seed and site preparation. We can advise you on the best way forward.

Direct Seeding methods include:

  • Rippa Seeder scalping method
  • Mouldboard Ploughing
  • Scalping with blade
  • Niche Seeding on steep slopes

Engaging with the community

The South Gippsland Seed Bank provides an important source of information for the community, in areas such as:

  • Developing revegetation projects
  • Collection of seed from indigenous plants
  • Direct seeding and revegetation advice
  • The application of improved techniques
  • Community training projects